Friday, January 8, 2016

And The Adventures Begin

On December 16th, I went to my annual checkup "down there". Like most women, I find these appointments annoying. I mean...they're kind of a hassle, they're intrusive, they're just not fun.

It was a good thing I went to my annoying appointment because 8 days later, on Christmas Eve, I was told I had cancer.  Excuse me? Me? No. This was not on my Christmas list. I'm 33. I'm fairly healthy. I ran a half marathon 3 months ago, for the love of pete. But, yes, it's true.

Now that we have the biopsy and scan results, I know I have Stage 1 Cervical Cancer. There is a golf ball size mass inhabiting my cervix.  His name is Roid, by the way. Roid is a jerk. We're not friends. Due to the size of Roid, surgical removal is not an option so I will be starting Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments in the next few weeks.

This is not the kind of adventure I envisioned for 2016, but you know what?  Bring it on, Roid. You're going down. You don't know who you're messing with.

I invite you to join me on my adventure. There's no worrying though....we got this.

I'm at Roswell today for my "quick and easy" surgery. 

Here we go.


Christina Abt said...

Ok....I'll agree to worrying. At least not when you're wearing your red sneakers. Ya can't worry when you've got red Chuck Taylors to keep you grounded.

Becky Rehwaldt-McKeown said...

I have a pair of red pumps that I vow to start wearing again in honor of you. Positive vibes being sent your way~ you will be in my prayers.

The Smith Family said...

Roid has nothing on you, beautiful. Lots of good vibes in this red shoe adventure. Can't wait for you to tell the story of the time you kicked Roid's ass. xoxo

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