Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Update...Kind of...

Hi. It's me. The answer to the age old question "What does it mean to have cancer?" is....It means you do a lot of waiting.  The last 6 weeks have been full of tests and detective work to figure out if I still have the cancer or not.  That's annoying.  A PET scan, an exam, a MRI, another exam under anesthesia and 4 biopsies later....I still have the cancers.  The good thing is the chemo did a good job of shrinking it.  The bad news is, it's still not in an ideal location for an easy removal.

"What does this mean?!?" Calm down, I'm getting there.  The doc wants to take it out.  If we do this, it would be a BFD.  BFD means Big Fuggin Deal, for those of you playing at home.  So, like last time, I've called in reinforcements.  The doc I went to see at Sloan Kettering in NYC last year, for the second opinion before my chemo, has agreed to review my case.  Super cool.  I will have her opinion soon and we'll make the decision on what we'll do.  Til then...we wait!

So there it is.  It's been hard to update because I haven't had the solid answers I've been waiting for.  And we're still waiting...but there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

In other news, I'm enjoying feeling normal again.  You know what your body feels like when you have cervical cancer?  The same as it feels like without cervical cancer.  That's weird.  I mean, I've packed on some pounds from the chemo and I'm not in the best shape anymore but, hell, it's fun trying to bring it back!

I've joined a class at the YMCA called Livestrong.  It's a class for cancer patients/survivors.  We learn how to adapt workouts to our new bodies and they bring in speakers like dieticians and doctors and other supporting figures.  It's pretty great.  6 weeks ago I had a hard time climbing too many stairs without getting dizzy and exhausted.  Tonight I spent 30 mins on a treadmill and went over 2 miles.  One of those miles I ran non-stop!  It's no half marathon, but I felt pretty damn good!  And it's nice spending some time around people that share some shitty circumstances.

In case I forget to mention it in another post someday, I'm so darn grateful for all the people that have come into my life because of this stupid disease.  Liz, in my Livestrong class, is my age.  To have someone to talk to and who can relate to some of the same situations...it's a game changer.  I'm so grateful for that new friendship.  And the massage therapist that does oncology massage that I started seeing last year to help with all my issues from radiation...guess who I'm having lunch with this week?  She's a great LMT and an amazing person.  Janice, the incredible woman I met during the Mighty Niagara half marathon last year - she's been a major player in my support staff and I'm trying my hardest to pay forward the support she's given me.  And the people that have reached out to me - whether it be through Facebook, email, sent cards/food/etc....you've made my heart so happy!  I'm beyond thankful for every bit of support and love.  I have the best family and friends and I come from the greatest little town.  You Gasport/Middleport/Roy-Hart people know how to show some love.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

May 2017 - Biopsy Selfie 
(before they knocked me out)

Mother's Day 2017

Layla - Chief Support Advisor


Donna said...
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Donna said...

We're all with you Lesley. Sending you love, strength and power.

Anonymous said...

Love this update. Your words touch my heart as I learned a few weeks ago that my best friend here in Arizona has stage 4 cancer (colon, liver, lungs). He's been a super-trooper thus far, but got knocked down by an infection last week. Your blog reminds me to be grateful for the moments every day brings. Love that you met some quality people and made some new friends. Blessings.


NickiP said...

You are incredible, Lesley. You are in my thoughts often. I'm sending many prayers and well wishes throughout this crappy journey. You are one heck of a rock!! Huge hugs to you and your family!!