Friday, March 10, 2017

Being Bald Is Fun....Do It With Your Friends!

Bald for Bucks.  It's easy, right?  Raise some money and shave your head. But it's so much more than that.  Wednesday was a party. A celebration. All these people came together to raise money for this amazing institution that is helping to save lives.  They sat up on the Roswell stage, in a row, and gave up all their hair.  Men, Women, Fathers & Sons, Doctors & Nurses.  It was so cool to see.  There were families that took part together - and have done it together for years!  To think of all the kids that do this at their schools. I believe over 50 schools participate in the Bald for Bucks program. In a time where peer pressure and bullying is so strong,  these young boys and girls are walking the halls of their school with no hair because they, too, wanted to raise money for Roswell Park.  Western New York is amazing.  Hearts of gold.

This year I started a Bald for Bucks team - Red Shoe Adventures Team, of course.  The four of us raised over $2,000!!!  Thank you to all that donated!!

From left to right: Mike Schuler, Alex Schuler, Glenn Maloney

I was honored to have these guys up on stage for me...for their family members...and everyone else effected by Roswell's services.  Red shoes!!

The Roswell team was there to take before and after pictures of everyone.  The guys got theirs and I took an "after" shot, but I was a little bummed I didn't have an official "before" shot.  Luckily, a lovely girl with beautiful curly hair - and the willingness to play along with silly ideas - helped me recreate a "before" shot...

Photos courtesy of Roswell Park

From the Red Shoe Adventure team to you, thank you for the love and support throughout this journey.  For those of you that donated, thank you for helping us honor Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Photo courtesy of Ben Richey, Roswell Park

Photo courtesy of Ashley Snowden

Photo courtesy of Roswell Park


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