Thursday, January 5, 2017

1st Timer

I'm picky about people.  In order for me to be comfortable with any situation, I need to click with the person or people I'm with. I know it seems like such a simple thing but my comfort level with people is a huge deal.

This rang true even for today's adventure.  I got my first official tattoo.  I have to say official because technically they tattooed me during radiation....but it doesn't look cool....and it wasn't fun.

Joe Folmar works at 6th Order Tattoo on Genesee Street in Cheektowaga.  He came highly recommended!  I met Joe last summer. I had stalked his work online and needed to meet him to make sure he was good peeps.  I just couldn't imagine sitting with someone for hours and trusting them with this task if I wasn't comfortable with them.  I liked him right away!  I gave him all my pictures and we chatted about my future tattoo.  Minutes later I was on the books....for 6 months later.  Looks like I wasn't the only fan of Joe!

At the time of our consult, I was planning this tattoo as a survivor.  Little did we know I'd be showing up 6 months later as a baldy in the middle of chemo treatments.

I think my excitement beat out my nervousness today.  I just couldn't wait to see the finished product!  Joe was great from the moment we walked in.  I say "we" because I'm never alone on these adventures!  I was joined by my friend Ashley and my Roswell paparazzi, Ben.  Joe's understanding of what I wanted was spot on. And he asked me a ton of questions to make sure he was creating it exactly how I wanted.

We figured out the perfect placement and away we went.  The next few hours we chatted about family and life and listened to some good tunes.

And in the end.....

I have a tattoo I LOVE and it couldn't be more meaningful if I tried.  I'm so pleased.  Another checkmark on the bucket list.  But my friends don't lie - I've always heard once you get one it's hard to stop.  I'm already ready for more!

Check out Joe's work on Instagram: @josephfolmar


Diane Ringer said...

I'm amazed at the strength, courage and humor you continue to have every day with everything that comes your way. Love you Lesley.

Unknown said...

Love Joe & love 6th Order! They've done all my
work and you couldn't have picked a better place. Much love to you girl, and yes...once you get one, there's always going to be more...xox

Unknown said...

Awesome color combination! It kicks butt, Lesley! Just like you ❤

Donna said...

First reaction ���� needles, then I calmed down and WOW!it's beautiful Lesley ��. That's a real badge of honor and bravery. Nicely done!��

Valerie Miller said...

Very cool ink!